Your personal security & privacy - This matters to us!



Soomz - stands for "Stay out of my zoo". Take care of your privacy & security, because both are essential for free and democratic societies. We want you to be free and safe in the future!

Nothing to hide?

"I have nothing to hide" you hear over and over again, but is that really thought through? Does this statement also apply to your finances, passwords, medical history, love life, family and business secrets? What about comments about friends, acquaintances, colleagues or your boss? Mistakes and secrets are human, but in any case, you should have control over who you give deep insight into your life. Nobody wants to live in a glasshouse and that is exactly why we are committed to the protection of your privacy.

Your data belongs to you and nobody else! Especially not con artists or thieves. But also not to large corporations that make huge profits with your data without compensating you adequately.

Effective protection – it can be so simple!

Virus scanners and firewalls are very effective today. Fraudsters therefore rely on other methods. You yourself are at the center of their attack! It is well known that fraudsters cause considerable damage by reading your data on credit or access cards. Less well known is that spying attempts are very often the basis for successful scams. It's not just about your passwords or your pins. Don't let anyone read your emails, WhatsApps, SMS or social media. You risk receiving emails or messages with very personal information and links that you can no longer distinguish from fake. This all happens with the sole purpose of installing malware (ransomware, trojans, etc) on your devices via a link.

Please do not assume that cybercrime cannot hit you. Because we use less and less cash and conduct our transactions in the digital world, fraudsters are also moving into the digital space. The "digitalization of fraud" is in full swing, with consequences for everyone. This means that fraud methods can also be automated and all computer networks, payment systems, smartphones, PCs, simply every device connected to the Internet, are systematically examined for weak points and attacked. Consequently, it is affecting everyone - at some time or another!

Therefore, protect your interfaces with Soomz products (e.g. RFID protection for your credit card) or automatically switch off wireless connections in your smartphone when not in use (e.g. with the Soomz Security Nerd). Also protect your display with privacy screens or the camera with a Soomz camera cover. At night, your smartphone belongs in a radiation-proof protective bag from Soomz, a "safe" for your smartphone that no longer lets radiation in or out.

And then there's the microphone in your smartphone. Why do voice assistants have to listen in on everything all the time? Is that really appropriate in the meeting room or the bedroom? Use the Security Nerd, which automatically switches off your microphone as soon as your smartphone is lying face down. Security & privacy can be so easy!

Protect yourself and your family and at the same time create awareness for the threats of using digital media! Prevent bullying with spied data, even for your children.

Who invented it?

The Swiss; more precisely a group entrepreneurs fro m Zürich recognized the importance of privacy & security years ago and developed initial product ideas. Soomz products impress with their easy handling, high product quality and a pinch of "cleverness".

And who made it possible?

The most prominent investor of Soomz is probably Switzerland's best-known former ambassador, to whom not only art but also a liberal society means a lot. In the meantime, other shareholders have joined the company, who support our mission for security & privacy.

Is it worth it?

The financial aspect is not the primary concern for our shareholders, but rather the commitment to security & privacy. Soomz shareholders are contributing to a better world and are happy about new jobs and many happy suppliers in the region. And the most important thing?  These are all the people whose lives Soomz has made a little safer and who do not want to be bullied, blackmailed or robbed. For this purpose, we distribute several hundred webcam covers for free and support idealists who share our ideas.

What does the press say?

Soomz is naturally present in the modern media landscape including social media. There are dozens of enthusiastic press reports, and Soomz products have won several awards. What more could you wish for? Click here for the press review.

What can I do?

Very Simple. Protect yourself against spying attempts with Soomz products and subscribe to our newsletter, which will inform you 1-2 times per quarter about the latest threats and protection measures against them. Security is only sustainable if it is lived permanently.