Soomz Comes to Your Defence



soomz - stands for "Stay out of my zoo". Because without privacy there is no security and without security there is no freedom.

Nothing to hide?

"I have nothing to hide" is a classic, but not quite thought through. Does the statement also apply to finances, passwords, medical history, love life, family and business secrets? Are we really so proud of each of our actions that we would publish it all? What about private statements about friends, acquaintances or the boss, for example? Mistakes and secrets are human. Nobody wants to live in a glass house. That is why we are committed to the protection of privacy.

Can I protect myself through software?

There are absolutely no objections to software protection, but software is expensive and can be hacked. Only hardware offers the ultimate protection. That's why we designed functional, inexpensive hardware gadgets. They protect and at the same time create awareness for the dangers in dealing with digital media! That's why they are so valuable to children as well.

Who invented it?

The Swiss; more precisely a group from the Zurich startup scene. The originator of the idea is a medium-aged young entrepreneur who knows his way around security. He was supported creatively by an ingenious industrial designer who is not afraid of publicity (FOND Design GmbH). From the very first hour Rainer (Wessinger und Peng GmbH), in charge of public information, was in the boat. To Flurin (Furbo GmbH) we owe the Avatar and Dominik (Jung von Matt Impact) helped us along digitally. The business is managed by Christoph Küng, the blond handsome with the flowing hair.

And who made it possible?

Our Business Angel is probably Switzerland's best-known ex-ambassador, to whom not only art but also a liberal society means a lot. In the meantime, more shareholders have joined us to support our mission.

Is it worth it?

Financially - well. Until now, shareholders have had to forego dividends. After all, they can look forward to five new jobs and many happy suppliers. And the most important thing? These are all the folks whose lives was made a little safer by Soomz and who have not been bullied, blackmailed or robbed. In addition, on and off we distribute a few hundred webcam covers for free and support idealists who share our ideas.

What does the press say?

Dozens of enthusiastic press reports and awarded as Gadgets of the Year several times. What more could you wish for? Click here for the press review.

What can I do?

Very simple. Protect yourself and subscribe to our newsletter, which informs you about the latest threats and protection measures once a quarter. Security is only sustainable if it is always up-to-date.