Campaigns with a lasting effect

If in a digital world everything is hackable and the return to analogue life is not an option, then there are only two ways to protect yourself: firstly, with hardware tools - from the webcam cover to the geoblocker - secondly with a change in behaviour. The
hardware tools are there, but the change in behaviour does not happen by itself. This is precisely where internal and external campaigns come into play.



Let's start with current examples from the real world:

  • A German discounter equips all company laptops with webcam covers. Unauthorized persons should not gain access.
  • An aircraft manufacturer enhances each access card with an RFID protective cover to prevent card cloning.
  • An airline relies on security seals so that the luggage of airline personnel cannot be tampered with unnoticed.
  • A Swiss bank uses offline cases. Employees should not be distracted at work by their smartphones.

Each of these actions is helpful in itself, whether it is primarily designed for security, privacy, health or productivity. However, their full effectiveness only unfolds in interaction with information. Ideally, the information is visible on the tool itself, so that employees are confronted with it every day. A change in behaviour requires educational work and practical application. That's how the company protects itself. But is that enough?

The second frontline is your home

What used to be difficult is almost impossible in today's working environment - the separation of corporate and private security. The exclusive focus on business matters falls short. Here are two examples: If an employee is not careful at home and becomes blackmailable through embarrassing pictures, taken by a remote-controlled webcam, then company trade secrets are also endangered. If business tools are not properly stored in the private environment and third parties have physical or digital access, the employer will also get compromised.

Raise the barrier

Knowing that absolute security does not exist, the goal can only be to raise the barrier for misconduct and thus for attackers. Safety at work and at home are interacting and can reinforce each other with targeted campaigns. Every action in the company raises awareness for the handling of confidential data in general. Any action aimed at deliberate behaviour in the private sphere also benefits the company. 

Once doesn’t count

One-time campaigns fizzle out quickly. Sustainable safety requires endurance and regularity. What is needed is an action plan of mutually reinforcing campaigns that devote themselves to a serious topic at least every semester - or rather every quarter. In the short life of soomz, we have been involved in countless internal campaigns and would be happy to advise you.


Doing good and profiting from it - what could be more pleasant? In an external privacy campaign, the originator benefits in two ways: It promotes and supports socially desirable behaviour in its environment and at the same time conveys the image of a safety-conscious company. Ultimately, in addition to social responsibility, the commercial aspect is at the forefront here. Giveaways are not expedient in themselves, but a means to an end and that means more business.

External Campaigns

Increase your return on giveaways

Against this background, some points have to be considered that make up a good giveaway and thus the commercial success of an external campaign:

  • Who is the most important person? The recipient, of course. And for her the question is: What's in for me? That's why the giveaway has to provide a very personal benefit for her - for her safety, her health, her convenience or her status.
  • A giveaway is an expression of appreciation. Therefore, it should embody a value that subjectively is by no means less than 10 euros. More is more.
  • Quality is not a feature of giveaways, but a prerequisite. Low quality means a lack of valuation and the benefits get turned into the opposite.
  • Another pen? Well, they didn't think much, did they? I wonder if they're smart at all. Business partners, on the other hand, who think twice about the matter, are well received. After all, a smart gift expresses not only cleverness, but also decency and commitment.
  • If you want to position yourself as an innovative company, then innovative giveaways work wonders.
  • It should not blink and annoy, but still be around in the long term. The customer should remember your company with joy every day, so that he/she always knows who to call. Speaking of calling: Our number for the best giveaway campaigns is +41 44 240 55 77 ([email protected]) and we would be delighted to design the next successful campaign for you.

Experience has shown that those who stick to these points will increase their return on giveaways many times over.