For your eyes only

Why is this guy looking at my phone so hard? Have we met before? To make it clear: My chat is not for you and my business correspondence is nobody's business. Because I have my secrets. That’s one of my principles. As a matter of principle.

The Soomz privacy screen covers darken the display from a lateral viewing angle of 30 degrees and protect your valuable smartphone data. The screen remains bright and easy to read – for your eyes only.

Available for all kinds and sizes of smartphones such as iPhone, Samsung Galaxy and many more.

Privacy Screen Protector for Smartphones
Stop shoulder serving. Transparent premium foil. Self-adhesive and removable without residue. Darkens screen from an angle of 30 degrees. Microfibre cloth, damp cloth and squeegee included. Manufactured in Europe. Free shipping from CHF 20.
* CHF18,90 * SRP