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Review Webcam Covers | Synthetic black | Set of 3

Webcam Covers | Synthetic black | Set of 3

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Protect youself with understatement. Black is always in fashion. Three webcam covers. Easy to operate slide with perfect grip. Self-adhesive and removable without any residue. 12.5 x 7 x 1.3 mm small. Swiss Made. Free shippment from CHF 20.
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The premium features of your multicolor set

The color:

First there is the color. With black you are always in fashion, fits everytime and everywhere - independent of the color of your electronic device.

The grip:

A well-reflected slider. More grip is impossible - even for very large hands.

The adhesive:

It holds strong and can be removed without leaving any residue. Sounds simple, but it's not. We have evaluated dozens of adhesives for you and used the best adhesive available on the market. Please follow the instructions for correct installation (clean the surface of your device, press it on for 10 seconds and leave it to rest at least for 1 minute).

The production:

Eache and every component comes from Europe, more precisely from Switzerland. Therefore, we can say with a clear conscience that suppliers and assembly workers are paid properly. Is the product therefore expensive? Not if you include everything, including customs clearance, taxation and shipping. Because all this is included in the price starting from a purchase volume of 20 CHF. Not to speak of the great price-performance ratio.

The packaging:

Maybe you plan to store a set or to use it as a likeable gift. With this in mind we packed our products in a functional and aesthetically pleasing way.

Our reference customers:

For being a small startup, we are quite a bit proud. After all, we have already been allowed to deliver the products to Swisscom and Swiss Post, to Siemens, Lidl and VW, to Consumer Protection Organizations and even to the German Bundestag. Join the club of conscious digital natives!

Your good feeling:

Be protected against all eventualities. Put a stop to this. So that lunatics, peepers and the like will only see black in the future!