Who we are?

Swiss tradition for privacy & quality

Soomz is a Swiss based company specialised in the creation, development and production of privacy protecting branded items. We have been around since 2014 and already provided over a million users with peace of mind and increased privacy.

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Soomz - stands for "Stay out of my zoo"

“No chance for digital thieves, fraudsters and blackmailer. Soomz keeps your client safe and secure”

How it all began

We started soomz in 2014 with a unique invention: a simple yet powerful small universal cover for the little cameras omnipresent in all our electronic devices. You know, the tiny one you can open and close with a simple move. Yes, that one. You probably have one yourself. Well, we invented it. The covers are now everywhere and – despite our natural Swiss modesty – we are quite proud of it. Of course, we tried to patent it. Who wouldn’t? Unfortunately, only a few months after launching our product, copies and alternatives started popping up. As a proud but small innovative Swiss company without the resources to afford an army of lawyers to fight and defend our invention, we decided to move on and keep innovating. And that’s what we have done. Onwards and upwards. Over the last nine years, we have created a number of new and unique inventions to protect the privacy of users. Because we care. We love the possibilities that a digital and connected world offers us all, but we don’t want to compromise our own or others´ privacy. And that sums up our spirit. It is what drives us. Indeed, our brand name “soomz”, which stands for “Stay out of my zoo”, is meant to embody just that.
Our offer is simple. We focus on providing companies around the world with high-quality privacy items that can be branded with their logo or brand story. Companies can re-sell or give them away to their customers and employees, increasing privacy and protection all round while increasing the visibility of their brand at the same time. Every time a client or employee sees the branding they are reminded that it is that company who is helping them protect their privacy. And it is effective. Just to give you an idea, the average smartphone user looks at their phone 80 times each day. That is a lot of brand exposure. You’re welcome. Just like protecting privacy and data, quality matters to us. All our products are made either in Switzerland or Europe. Nowhere else. And we are particularly proud of our new invention, the “Off-You-Go” smartphone case, which is produced exclusively in Switzerland by people with disabilities. Yes, we care about that too. And maybe you do too.

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