Are you shipping to my country?

We ship our products worldwide. Our warehouses are located in Switzerland.

How long does the delivery take?

20 to 25 business days from order confirmation.


What is RFID?

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) allows contactless data exchange. RFID chips are found in almost all modern cards and IDs, including your passport.

What is identity theft?

Stolen data will be misused to gain pecuniary advantages using your identity. This includes purchases or access to bank and insurance services. But there is more to it. Because the criminal operates through your identity, you may have to prove your innocence to the police, the authorities, your insurance company or your credit institution. The damage to your reputation can be almost impossible to fix. In Europe and the USA alone, the sum of direct property crimes amounts to several hundred billion dollars per year.

What is so special about the radiation-proof mobile phone case?

The inner lining of the mobile phone case consists of a textile light metal which reliably blocks radio waves and radiation. This includes mobile radio including 5G, WiFi / WLAN, Bluetooth, GPS and the radio signals from RFID/NFC readers. The cases offer reliable protection for all common frequencies (TÜV-tested, tested from 125 kHz to 5GHz), optimum protection against mobile phone radiation, and prevent geotracking when the device is inside the closed case.

What is a Security Seal?

Tamper-proof seals or labels make unwanted and unauthorized opening of laptops, suitcases, hotel safes, airplane holds, cash registers, etc. immediately visible. Soomz's uniquely numbered seals have a removable number label and can easily be assigned to a person, location, time, item, etc.

Why do I need a Webcam Cover?

Every webcam can be hacked within minutes. We have all seen the stories about who does this: the vengeful ex, the Peeping Tom next door, the curious colleague, the quarrelsome neighbour, or worse. Children and young people are particularly at risk, especially young women and girls. The stolen pictures and videos may be sent to friends' emails or social media accounts - and they stay there. So, why not protect your smartphone, laptop and tablet with a simple and stylish webcam cover from Soomz. Better safe than sorry.