RFID protective cover for credit cards

Wouldn't it be great if we no longer had to worry about data and money being stolen? The good news is that the Soomz RFID/NFC protective sleeves prevent wireless card reading. High-quality material and print. With our custom branding service, your logo can be placed on the case, giving your brand additional visibility in any privacy setting. A clever gift for customers and employees. Swiss made. Worldwide shipping.

Minimum Order Quantity for customized products:
200 sleeves
Standard products / small orders:

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Tough times for credit card fraudsters

·        Prevents unauthorized wireless access to your credit card

·        TÜV-tested for all common RFID frequencies

·        Looks good thanks to high-quality printing and stays that way, guaranteed

·        Feels good due to high-quality material and stays in shape, guaranteed

·        One cover comfortably accommodates 2 credit cards thanks to its special foldability

·        Highest quality - made in Switzerland


What is RFID?

RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) enables contactless data exchange. RFID chips are present in almost all moderncards and IDs, including your passport.

What is identity theft?

In the case of identity theft, your personal data is stolen and used. This includes your name, birth date, address, biometric data, driver's license, social security number, bank account and credit card numbers. The more the thief knows about you, the easier the fraud becomes.

What can happen?

The stolen data is used to gain financial advantages by the thief using your identity. This includes making purchases or accessing banking and insurance services. But there's more. Since the criminals acting in your name and using your identity, you may have to prove to the police, authorities, your insurance company or your credit institution that it wasn't you. This is often much more challenging than you might think and can be very stressful and disruptive. The damage to your reputation is almost impossible to repair. In Europe and the USA alone, the sum of direct property crimes amounts to several hundred billion dollars per year.

But aren't credit cards well protected?

Unfortunately not. Even with the latest generations of credit cards, a simple Android app is enough to wirelessly read the data. With your name and card number, someone can then shop on your behalf.

Why are Soomz RFID protective covers secure?

A thin layer of lightweight metal has been incorporated into the Soomz sleeves. This layer blocks the magnetic field from RFID scanners. "We had the material tested by TÜV for mechanical construction and radio wave shielding, and it lives up to its promise," says Patrik Scheiber, engineer and Soomz product developer. "The cases provide reliable protection at the most common frequencies 125 kHz, 13.56 MHz, and 900 MHz according to device standards MILSTD-285, NSA65-6, IEEE299, and EN50147-1, which are used in most RFID systems. We've also had the RFID protective covers tested by manufacturers of reading devices," adds Scheiber.