Security Seals

Soomz security seals are designed to deter tampering with items such as laptops, suitcases, hotel safes, medicine cabinets, cargo containers, doors and more. If someone attempts to open something, it becomes immediately visible, allowing for prompt action to be taken. They also make excellent gifts for customers and employees. With our custom branding service, your logo can be placed on the seal, providing additional visibility for your brand every time someone protects their privacy. Swiss design. Worldwide shipping.

Minimum Order Quantity for customized products:
200 zipper bags each with 20 seals
Standard products / small orders:

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Tamper-evident seals or stickers make undesired and unauthorized opening of laptops, suitcases, hotel safes, cash registers, food containers etc. immediately visible. The clearly numbered seals from Soomz have a removable number label and can be easily assigned to a person, a place, a time, an object.

• Reveals unauthorized access and manipulation of laptops, suitcases, hotel safes, etc. immediately
• Can be removed as a whole without leaving any residue
• Each seal is individually numbered
20 pieces in a convenient zipper bag for easy carrying
Swiss design, manufactured in Europe

What everyday benefits do I get from it?

Security seals offer versatile applications as they can be attached to flat surfaces and do not require openings like lead seals, making their application easier and more flexible.

Manipulation and unauthorized access or the opening of private property cannot be prevented but can be made immediately visible, enabling you to take quick action. Soomz security seals help you protect your laptop, USB port, suitcase, hotel safes, private diaries and correspondence, refrigerators, filing cabinets, home pharmacies, and even cookie jars. After opening "OPEN VOID" appears on the seal. In certain cases, however, the opening of sealed objects is necessary. Perhaps you just want to know that something has actually been opened, for example, to check inventory, maintain equipment, etc. Soomz security seals are also ideal for that.

How can businesses use the security seals?

·        Document and File Security: Seals can secure filing cabinets, document folders and sensitive files.

·        Luggage and Bags: Seals can be used to secure suitcases, backpacks, and other types of bags.

·        Cargo and Shipments: Security seals are commonly used in the transportation industry to secure cargo containers and shipments.

·        Doors and Entrances: Seals can be applied to doors or entrance points to indicate if they have been opened.

·        Electronic Devices: Laptops, computers, and other electronic devices can be sealed to deter tampering.

·        Cash Bags and Cash Boxes: Security seals help secure cash bags and cash boxes to prevent unauthorized access.

·        Medical Supplies: Seals are used to secure medical equipment, drug cabinets, and supply containers.

·        Food and Beverage Containers: Seals can be used on containers to ensure the integrity of food andbeverages.

·        Utility Meters: Seals may be applied to utility meters toprevent unauthorized access or tampering.

·        Pharmaceuticals: Security seals are used in the pharmaceutical industry to secure medication packaging.

·        Retail and Packaging: Seals can be applied to retail products or packaging to deter theft or tampering.

·        Evidence Bags: In law enforcement, seals are used to secure evidence bags to maintain chain of custody.