Webcam Cover 2.0 ¦ The world's smallest webcam cover

For protection against webcam spying and blackmail. Only 0.6mm high and 6mm in diameter - these are the dimensions of the world's smallest webcam cover from With folding and snap-in function. Self-adhesive and removable without residue. A clever gift for customers and employees to show you care. The cover can be opened with a fingernail and is compatible with (almost) all smartphones, tablets and laptops. Assembled in a social institution. Swiss Made. Worldwide shipment.

Minimum Order Quantity for customized products:
200 folding cards with 6 webcam covers
Standard products / small orders:

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✅ RELIABLE PROTECTION FROM WEBCAM SPIONAGE - Yourwebcam can be hacked within minutes. Every person who appears in anunflattering pose in the view of a webcam is at risk. But protection is sosimple. Close the lid and the perpetrators will only see black.

✅ LESS and LESS SPACE ON HANDSETS, TABLETS AND LAPTOPS- Camera cutouts are getting smaller and smaller and so is the space for awebcam cover. That's why we've developed the world's smallest webcam cover -with a fold and snap function, about half the size of conventional covers.Approx. 6 mm in diameter, high. This fits almost anywhere even onprotruding cameras.

✅ ATTENTION, THIS IS A "CONSUMABLE PART" -There is a good reason why the set contains 6 covers. Due to miniaturization,the parts are somewhat delicate and therefore, if handled carelessly, the coveror lid may break off - especially if you need to do it quickly. Therefore,please consider the product as a USE AND CONSUMPTION PART, which can also belost sometimes. The Webcam Cover 2.0 is definitely NOT suitable for impatient"continuous photographers".

✅ PUT ON CAREFULLY - The minimalist design leaveslittle space for the adhesive film. Therefore, please think carefully aboutwhere and how you place the piece. The adhesive will not survive any subsequentcorrection. Press on for 10 seconds, clean device surface well beforehand.

✅ OPEN THE COVER ONLY WITH YOUR FINGERNAIL - Even ashort nail is sufficient, but it must be the nail; otherwise, the fun isshort-lived. Not a problem for adults, but rather challenging for children.